What Are the Different Types of Accommodation Offered By Retirement Communities?


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When it comes to retirement options today, seniors and their families have a number of possibilities. Depending on the kind and level of care needed, retirement communities offer independent living, assisted lifestyle and skilled nursing residential accommodations. There are also short-term rehabilitation facilities. In choosing between assisted living vs nursing homes, a number of factors should be considered.

Enjoying the golden years
When someone decides to take a well earned retirement, they should be able to live comfortably, with pleasant company and activities that keep them busy and engaged. Retirement homes now offer a number of different types of accommodations, to suit individual needs. The different types of accommodation offer the appropriate level of help with daily living and medical needs.
Retirement can be a time for people to follow their hobbies, try new activities and to make new friends. Studies have found that people are happiest in retirement if they stay active. In fact, nearly half or 49% of all retirees report being happier than they expected. Good health also matters, and was cited by 81% of retirees surveyed as essential for a happy retirement.

Assisted living vs nursing home
The key difference in the different kinds of accommodation is the level of assistance and medical care provided. Independent living accommodations offer apartments for seniors who would like to live as part of a community but don’t need any assistance or medical care.
Assisted lifestyle suites are for seniors who need only a little help with their daily actives. They also have common dining rooms where meals and snacks are served daily. Assisted living suites have a number of services that can make life easier, such as personal care and health services, medication management, social services, transportation, laundry, housekeeping and maintenance.

Nursing homes offer complete care for seniors
Nursing homes are for seniors who have medical needs that require 24-hour care. They offer round-the-clock nursing care, balanced meals, and activities. For seniors and their families, they offer comfort and peace of mind, as well as quality medical care on site when and if it’s needed. Studies have found that when people think of old age, they’re not as afraid of dying as they are of being a burden on their families.
It’s a fact of the aging process that it comes with chronic health problems. Some, like diabetes, arthritis and heart disease can come with complications, that make it necessary to have ready access to medical care and personnel. Nursing homes offer security and care for seniors, as well as the knowledge that they are not a burden on anyone.

For seniors and families trying to make the choice of assisted living vs nursing homes, the biggest consideration is the level of healthcare needed. For seniors with medical needs, nursing home care can be the best option.