Going Green With Your Garden


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Americans love to care for their lawns. Homeowners spend four hours on average maintaining them every week. However, the care that goes into landscaping and backyard garden care isn?t always what?s best for our yards. Pesticides and fungicides are meant to keep grass healthy and safe from insects, but in the long run, they cause more harm than help to the environment by killing millions of birds and earthworms every year.

But how can we ensure our gardens and yards are eco-friendly while keeping them vibrant and beautiful? It?s easier than you would think.

Choose plants native to your region

Native plants are preferred by both gardeners and landscaping companies alike. When adding plants to a yard, 92% of gardeners have opted for native plants, a choice which, frankly, makes sense: plants that are native to your region will grow the best in your yard?s soil. Because they?ve already adapted naturally to the soil and the weather of their environment, native plants require less maintenance than other plants leaving you time to care for the rest of your lawn.

Planting native flowers and plants in your garden and requesting them from landscaping companies also reduces the risk of the introduction of invasive species into the area, which may be toxic to your region?s environment and health. Growing and tending to native plants not only prevents these invasive species, but also provides necessary needs to creatures in your backyard habitat.

Native species can provide food to local insects, birds, and squirrels; shade for small critters; and nectar for butterflies. They can also provide you will a lower electricity bill — plants can lower heating and cooling costs by 20% when properly placed and selected, especially trees. When an outdoor air conditioner is shaded by a tree, it increases efficiency up to 10%.

Treat your lawn with care

Rather than using fungicides and pesticides, opt for organic pesticides such as neem oil or garlic spray. Natural pesticides will keep the earthworms in your yard from dying, which will, in turn, help your soil remain healthy for your plants. Consider organic mulching as well in order to abstain from harmful runoff that may occur in the use of inorganic fertilizer.

Consider hiring landscaping companies

If you love a beautiful yard, but don?t quite have the greenest thumb, landscaping companies can be a great and environmental-friendly choice. 97% of real estate agents recommend landscaping as a way to increase a homeowner’s return investment. A landscaper can create the kind of curb appeal you yearn for and with all the benefits of complementing your home with functional outdoor living spaces and visually appealing plants and flowers native to your region.

When it comes to caring for your yard and garden, it?s important not to forget your local habitat and the effects of your lawn care on your environment. Being green with your garden not only protects your environment from harm but also makes your yard that much more beautiful!