Some Tips for Moving with Antique and Valuable Furniture


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Moving is always an adventure, and even with the best of plans, it can feel like controlled chaos. If you’re moving antique furniture or other expensive items, it’s better to have more control and less chaos. A few simple steps will help to make the move painless, hassle-free, and ensure that your valuables are protected in transit. A moving service that has experience in transporting antiques will have the right materials and trained staff to handle your things safely.

Finding the right moving service
First, it’s best to find a moving service that specializes in antiques and high end furniture. They will have the experience to pack, carry and transport your valuable items safely. They will use cotton pads to wrap the furniture before moving it. The movers will also know how to handle the furniture at its strongest points to avoid stresses, and they will use customized straps and tie downs to secure it in the cargo area.
For expensive crystal chandeliers and marble items, they may use custom crates to avoid breakages. The average cost of moving within state is $ 1,170, according to the American Moving and Storage Association. You can count on paying more to move valuable furniture, but the extra cost will be worthwhile.

Preparing for the move
Once you’ve found the right movers, there are still some steps you must take to protect your furniture. It’s important to inventory all items, and to record their condition before the packing begins. It’s best to use a high resolution camera or video camera to document their condition, including any existing damage, potential fragile areas and other concerns.
This will help you create a record of their pre-move condition, which may come in handy later in case of any problems. For insurance purposes too, a clear photographic record can be helpful. The next step is to have your antiques appraised by a professional. This appraisal can become the basis for insurance coverage. When buying insurance for your antiques, you should make sure they are covered while in transit as well.

When moving day arrives
Once your antiques are inventoried, appraised and insured, you can turn then over to the professional moving service for packing and transportation. If you’ve done your homework and found a reliable moving company, the best thing to do at this stage is to hand over the furniture to them, and let them do their job.
If needed, many moving companies offer storage facilities as well. With state- of-the-art security systems and climate-controlled storage units, these will ensure that your valuable antiques remain safe until they can be moved to their new location.

Moving antiques and valuable furniture can be highly stressful, but not if you’re prepared and have done your homework. Americans move twelve times during lives, on average. With the right preparation, your move should be a breeze, and you can look forward to arranging your furniture in your new residence.