Three Reasons to Invest in a Golf Cart


Pre-owned golf carts

Whether on the greens or on the streets, golf carts are a favorite vehicle for families, golf courses, events, amusement parks, and just about anywhere a quick source of transportation is needed. Most golf carts are four feet wide by eight feet long and six feet high. Golf carts can carry between two to 10 passengers with top speeds ranging between 15 to 25 miles per hour — the engine of a golf cart is a 4-stroke engine. Some people choose to modify a golf cart after the original manufacturer so that the golf cart can achieve speeds of 20 or more miles per hour, thus enabling them to be treated like motor vehicles and street legal for zones with speed limits of 35 miles per hour or less depending on state. No matter the circumstance, chances are you have a need for a golf cart: here are three reasons why you should buy a golf cart.

Early Driving Experience

For those with children learning to drive, it may be beneficial to start them off first on a golf cart. Since the minimum age to ride a golf cart in Georgia, Alabama, California, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Vermont, and South Carolina is 13, with most other states at 14 and 15 years old, teens can get an early start on safe driving practices that will translate to an actual vehicle. As stated earlier, most golf carts can operate on the streets where the posted speed limit is 35 mph or less unless otherwise stated by state or district law. Always be sure to know your local government’s position before investing in new or pre-owned golf carts.

Transportation Help

Many of those with large amounts of land choose to utilize it in ways that suit their needs or their family’s interest. To this end, golf carts are versatile in that they allow users to drive into places that cars and larger vehicles are unable to go — forested areas with built paths and roadways are ideal for golf cart traversal. Crafty landowners may use their golf cart as a utility vehicle to transport lumber and other supplies to remote construction sites for a treehouse, obstacle course, or other structure. Although the life of one golf cart battery lasts for two to three days, the electric battery means that golf cart owners can simply plug the vehicle in to recharge — not only will they save money on gasoline costs, but they will also help to decrease one’s footprint on the environment as a greener solution for one’s transportation needs. After building the structure on their land, golf cart owners can transport guests easily to the location to show off the fruits of their labor in convenience and style.

Retirement Fun

Who says retirement is a time to slow down. There is a reason why Florida is known as the retirement capital of the world, with warm weather year-round, tourist attractions throughout the state, and some of the most valuable real estate in the country. There are a number of exclusive retirement villages throughout Florida that offer comfort and adventure to residents in equal measure. Best of all for the prospective golf cart owner, some of these communities of thousands of residents has extensive golf cart trail systems estimated at around 100 miles along with the option to drive a golf cart on the street. For such expansive properties, pre-owned golf carts are a perfect option. Some retirees are looking to get a lot of use out of their golf cart however. For lookin for cheaper pre-owned golf carts, expect the asking price to seldom go lower than $3,000; for those looking for a fancier, more luxurious golf cart, get ready to pay up to $30,000 for the top of the line model in luxury golf carts. Luxury models are often complete with a refrigerator option, golf ball and tee holders, air scoop, waste bin, cup holders and a charging port for electronic devices. No matter your price range or reasoning, consider pre-owned golf carts to be your first choice for affordable, dependable golf cart experiences.