Luxury Home Features–What’s on Your Must-Have List?


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Are you one of the 32% first-time home buyers looking at homes for sale? When buying a new house, the process will be that much easier when you work with just the right real estate agent.

The Annual National Association of Realtors survey for 2015 discovered that 87% of home buyers used a real estate agent or broker to purchase their home. The study also revealed that 88% of these homebuyers would not only use the same agent again, they would also recommend their agent to other potential home buyers.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or are purchasing a second or third home, you probably have a list of must-have features. Perhaps you’ve even added these features to your kitchen wish list:

    Eat-in kitchen
    All-new appliances
    Steel appliances
    Warming drawer

Would you like to have a walk-in closet in the master bedroom? Central heating or air conditioning? A fireplace in the living room, den or bedroom?

For those home buyers expecting to pay a minimum of $500,000, 42% state that a warming drawer in the kitchen is either “essential” or “desirable. For those home buyers that are planning to purchase a home for under $150,000, however, only 15% expect to have this convenient kitchen feature.

The survey also showed that when a home didn’t already have these desired features, at least 60% of the prospective buyers surveyed, would pay more to have new kitchen appliances, central air conditioning, and a walk-in closet installed. When a home didn’t have a fireplace, roughly 40% indicated they would make an investment to have one or more.

The 35-to-54 age bracket prefer having eat-in kitchens, which are always nice when you have friends or family over. When surveyed, 30% of these individuals stated that this was “very important.” For home buyers under 35 and over 55, however, it wasn’t as important. Only 21% of the individuals under 35, and 20% of the individuals over 55, stated that it was “very important.”

In terms of making an investment in their kitchen, 23% of the home buyers between 35-to-54 felt that having stainless steel appliances were “very important.” It’s possible that some of these individuals prefer adding a splash of color with their kitchen appliances.

While the features that you’re considering for your new home may resonate with those in the above survey, it’s likely you also have additional “must-haves” on your list. You may be in the market for a luxury condo or a custom house with decks and other outdoor living spaces.

When you contact a real estate agent to show you luxury homes for sale, you may discover that you would like to build a custom home instead. In that case, you want to work with a realtor that handles new constructions.