5 Home Care Services that Can Help You Care for Your Aging Parent


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At advanced stages of a loved one’s life, it’s important to get them the help that they need. Aging seniors will most likely need assistance with daily activities like personal care, meal preparation, companionship, running errands, among others.

Whether you need a full-time caregiver or a few hours a day, a caregiver agency can offer exactly what you need. These home care services offer customized and flexible care plans, to promote your parent’s sense of peace, comfort, and overall well-being. Below are some of the beneficial services that come with 24 hour home care.

  1. Care Management
    The amount of time you dedicate to your aging parent can become tough to manage over time. You might find yourself occupied with other personal responsibilities like work, studies, or even your own children. When you are unable to care for your elderly parent’s needs, you may want to hire a caregiver.
  2. Medical Services
    Although not all caregiver agencies offer medical services, many home care providers can provide your loved one with help and assistance with their medical needs. Caregivers are able to can accompany them to doctor’s appointments, help assess special dietary needs, supervise medication and exercise prescriptions, as well as keep you and your family up-to-date on their progress.

    Some caregivers do have nursing credentials and are able to administer medication and manage more substantial medical needs often reserved for the doctor’s office.

  3. Personal Assistance
    A 24 hour home care plan can also include the daily activities that some of us take for granted. Eating, bathing, dressing, and using the restroom are vital for everyone, but more difficult for those who are elderly or disabled.

    Typically, these services are geared and designed to help your aging or disabled family member keep their dignity. Finding a caregiver with utmost respect to your loved ones is paramount. Above all else, your loved ones needs to feel respected.

  4. Errands and Transportation
    Aging comes with a lot of concerns and cautions. You may discourage your parent from driving as a result of poor sight, confusion, and/or delayed reaction time. At some point, it becomes imperative that your parent hangs up their keys and lets a caregiver take the wheel.

    Some 24 hour home care services offer advanced senior home care assistance packages with errand services. This ensures that your loved one gets their errands done risk-free and in a timely manner.

  5. Companionship
    This is probably the most common problem facing the elderly. While your parent or loved one may have been used to having friends and family around more often, this may no longer be the case. It can be hard for some seniors to feel useful or important as they become less relied on.

    Home care plays an important role in filling social gaps and making sure that elderly individuals have regular conversations, go on outings, have friendships, and exercise their minds.

While a 24 hour home care service can help relieve you of some responsibility, it is important to interview and conduct research on any senior care agency you choose to make sure that your loved one is in safe and capable hands.