Are You Searching for Your Next Adventure? Lease an Apartment in a New City


Short term leasing

Are you thinking of moving to a new city? Housing experts report that most of us move more than 10 times throughout our lifetimes. We may move to a larger city for a new job or we may move away from the city to a quieter, smaller town. The market for residential real estate remains competitive, and people who live in major cities often report that there are more than 100 applicants for a single apartment. While you may be curious about what it would be like to live in another state, you should examine short term leasing options before committing to a new housing market.

Luxury apartments often offer short term options to new tenants, but what separates one from another? You want to look for rental amenities like free wireless internet, free cable, and access to a gym. Some apartments do offer lease to purchase options: in some markets, condominiums are a good option instead of a house. If you don’t mind commuting, you might start looking at homes in the suburbs, but if you want to wake up in the middle of it all, look for luxury apartments or condominiums with an option to buy.

Before you sign a lease or mortgage, take a look around your new apartment and make sure that everything is in good repair. Does your shower work? Try it on hot and cold settings. How quickly does your oven heat up? Do all of your windows open and close easily? It is important to make a list of any repairs that are needed before you sign any paperwork: once you sign a mortgage, you are responsible for any and all major repairs. Many younger Americans report that they would rather rent than own: fewer repairs and less difficulty if they should have to move for work.

If you are looking to buy a home or an apartment in a gated community, take the opportunity to meet with your neighborhood association well in advance of your purchase. Often, your neighbors can recommend local attractions: if you’re in a city, they may know the fastest way to get into the heart of the city. If you live out in a more rural area, it’s important to know your neighbors because in the event of any extreme weather, they may want to give you a phone call or a text to tell you what’s going on.

Once you’re settled in your new home or apartment, you may want to have a housewarming party to get to know your new neighbors. Make some small refreshments and put out some soda: your neighbors are just as curious about you as you are about them. Have some calm music playing in the background and ask your new neighbors some important questions about your new town or city. What are the best places to eat? Where can I find the nearest post office? Of course, you could consult your phone, but it’s nicer to talk to people about some things instead of relying on your computer, tablet, or phone. The art of conversation is not lost: take a walk to the store instead of driving and talk to a few people.

In this day and age, we could live by ourselves in our apartments and houses and never have to leave. We can order food, clothing, and furniture over the internet and it will come right to our door. Is that the reason you decided to move to a new city? Get out of your apartments and have a great time. Walk around the block, go into a store that you’ve never been into, or try some new food. If you’re on a short-term lease and you decide that you really dig your new digs, look into leasing with an option to buy. You can broaden your horizons by traveling and by experiencing everything that life has to offer: it’s time to start!