Apartments Are A Far Better Option Than Houses Here’s Why!


Apartments in old city philadelphia

When’s the last time you considered a luxury apartment rental? This decision is a surprisingly easy one, considering nearly 40% of today’s foreclosures involve single-family houses and condominiums due to fluctuating prices and long-term commitment. When a majority of homeowners receive no tax benefits from owning a house, more people are looking for better living solutions in these crowded times. When you rent an apartment you glean multiple benefits that those owning a home often have to do themselves, so keep reading to learn about how you can save your money and have better living conditions both.

The Benefits Of An Apartment

While homeowners have the independence of managing and crafting their home to their liking, they also have the additional burden of providing all of their living expenses and comforts regularly. Apartment living gives you a high quality living space for an affordable price without the worry of maintaining your lawn, painting your fence or providing necessary amneties. Managers and maintenance workers are on-site 24/7 to fix any problems should they arrive, contrary to part-time landlords for homeowners. Did you know renters save an average of almost $600 every month just by choosing to rent instead of buy? A luxury apartment rental is becoming the meal ticket of many a budget-strapped family or couple, with many beautiful apartment buildings to choose from with their own unique features and appeal. If one apartment complex doesn’t accept cats or is without a washer and dryer, there will always be another one nearby to fit your needs!

Where Do I Start Looking?

If you’re looking for affordable apartment living, it’s best to search prices by state — California and New York, for example, are notoriously expensive, with their routinely good weather and big cities being their main draw. Other states such as Washington and Pennsylvania aren’t as heavily populated and thus have better prices on average — the average price of rent in Philadelphia, for example, is around $800 and is expected to remain a prime competitor for your average home-owning draw. Even the cost of a downtown city apartment (often the joke of your average urban sitcom) is still a better choice than any expensive and high-maintenance home today! A professionally managed apartment will provide you and your loved ones with better security, financial stability and less responsibility, so start looking for your next luxury apartment soon — it’s a buyer’s market!