Five Tips to Pick the Perfect Wedding Tent


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Each year, more couples pick outdoor venues to celebrate their wedding ceremony. Outdoor weddings offer a great opportunity to celebrate the most important day of your life in the beauty of nature. Because nature can be a bit unpredictable, however, it is important to make sure that you secure tent rentals to protect you and your guests from the elements. Since planning a wedding requires you to think of tons of small details from invitations and food to decorations and things to do, make sure that prioritizing a great tent still makes it on your list. For guidance on five important things to look for in wedding tent rentals, keep reading.
1) Size Matters One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for event tent rentals is the number of guests you will be entertaining. You will also want to keep in mind things like the size of the wedding party. Since the average number of attendants per newlywed is 4, make sure your tent can accommodate seating your wedding party exactly how you envision. If you are planning a seated dinner, you can also look for a tent rental company that also offers chair cover rentals.
2) Dress it Up Tent accessories are a crucial, but sometimes overlooked part of party planning. Tent accessories are what will set your event apart from others and will help make sure that even the largest tent will still fit the feel of your wedding. Tent accessories can range from lighting features to linens and include a variety of options for integrating your decor into the tent itself.
3) Keep it Cool No bride wants to sweat on her wedding day, and neither do wedding guests! Look for party tent rentals that can help keep the climate controlled inside the tent to keep everyone as comfortable as possible.
4) Enjoy the Breeze There has never been a person who says “Gosh. I wish this tent was stuffier.” Look into options for keeping your tent as open and airy as possible, while still keeping your guests comfortable and protected from the elements.
5) Enjoy the Spotlight Having the right kind of lighting for your wedding is crucial. Make sure you have all the infrastructure in place to keep your tent lit beautifully throughout the event. You can even integrate lighting into your tent accessories for an extra special look.
Planning a wedding can be stressful. There are so many details to get right and there are some things you just cannot predict. No matter how perfectly planned a garden wedding may be, an afternoon thunderstorm can derail months of work unless you have a tent to protect you and your guests. Remember to not only view your wedding tent as a necessity, but also as a fun opportunity continue your theme and decor and maximize your guests’ comfort.