Why More and More Americans Are Choosing to Rent


Luxury philadelphia apartment

Luxury city apartments have always captured the minds and imaginations of the American public. After all, the best apartments and lofts for rent can be seen in several hit television series such as Seinfeld,Sex and the City, and of course All in the Family which led to the hit series The Jeffersons which depicted an African-American family who had finally moved on up to New York’s prestigious East Side.

It’s shows such as these that began shifting American attitudes towards renting lofts and apartments, which at one time, was considered a foolish investment compared to home ownership. However, during the Great Recession, those attitudes quickly changed and nation wide foreclosures left many American families without a place to call home. In addition, thousands of lay offs left American workers — many of which had lifelong careers with the same company — suddenly without. As such, many were forced to downsize or find work elsewhere. Naturally, new luxury apartments became a viable and smart to owning a home.

Sure, luxury city apartments such as city loft apartments are great, however, you don’t have to live in a big city or sprawling metropolitan area in order to enjoy living in a beautiful apartment or left for rent. In fact, in order to keep up with and ahead of increased consumer demand for luxury apartments, many developers have turned their eyes towards the suburbs, creating beautiful apartment buildings out of old mills, factories, or other commercial buildings.

It’s easy to see why these beautiful spaces are so highly sought after. Not only do they provide start of the art and world class amenities that are second to none, they also are surprisingly affordable. Between unexpected repairs that must be paid for out of pocket, property taxes, and fluctuating interest rates, it’s no secret that home ownership is expensive. However, these are issues that renters simply do not have to worry about.