Five Landscaping Design Ideas for 2015


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As winter drags on, many people are likely dreaming of the day the snow will melt and they can begin planning a landscape design for their yard. While it may not seem like it, spring is actually closer than it might seem, and growing closer everyday. In preparation, take a look at this list of the hottest landscaping design ideas for 2015. Can you picture any of them on your property?

Go Floral in Front
Reduce the amount of time you spend mowing this year by expanding your flower beds in the front yard. Look for colors that complement the color of your house, and consider mixing in flowers that match your trim to add a little drama. Window boxes also add to the effect. Just make sure the plants you choose match the amount of sunlight your front yard receives, especially if it is often in shade.

Add a Path
No matter how big or small your yard is, adding a path on the side of your house or in the backyard will add a little mystery and charm. There are plenty of ways to do this: you can plant trees and shrubs, use tall flowers and grasses, lay down gravel or stones, or simply leave it be. Consider letting the path lead to a secluded corner to let you relax after your project is completed.

Try an Arch
Arbors and other structures are one of the most classic and beloved landscaping design ideas, as they help define the way the garden flows and complement the plants. However, while arbors can help support plants, you can also use trees and shrubs to create arches. To combine both landscaping design ideas, try clematis, as certain types of this climbing vine grow both tall and wide, ensuring full coverage.

Go Green
While flowering plants are a favorite for a reason, you can’t forget greenery, which adds interesting texture and shapes. This is especially useful when nothing is flowering: your gardens will look beautiful and interesting throughout the season. Aim for a good mix of different plants, flowering and otherwise.

Think Outside the Box
Do you find yourself using the same types of plants every year? While it’s natural to have favorites, this is an easy way to let your yard fall into a rut. Challenge yourself instead by trying something new or unusual, whether that means adding tall grasses or even letting an area of your yard grow wild to get a natural look straight out of a fairy tale.

What landscaping design ideas are you planning to use this year? Tell us about it in the comments!