Hotels Step Up Efforts to Ensure better Sleep


Electric bed

The importance of a good night’s sleep has not evaded hoteliers. Many of us assume that an overnight in a hotel also means a less-than-restful sleep, but maybe not anymore. In the end, it depends on where you’re staying, but trends in overnight accommodations show a new-found concern for the comfort level of sleep which, ironically, has been the least of their concerns in the past. Whether they offer a sleep system bed, an adjustable bed, or some other before-unheard-of hotel amenity, it’s clear: they’re trying to inspire a more restful stay.
For example, the Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel, located in central London, allows guests to request a staff storyteller – you read that right, a STORYTELLER – to visit you in your room… in pajamas, no less. In New York City, the Benjamin Hotel has its own “sleep concierge” that wants nothing more than for you to get a restful night’s sleep at the venue. Should that not be the case, a free night’s stay might be the concession offered.
ITC hotels in India, the country’s second-largest hotel chain, is making strides in this area as well. After discovering in a survey that upwards of 70% of their business traveling guests had issues getting to sleep in an unfamiliar hotel environment, the chain has created a liaison with sleep institutes and doctors, thus creating something of a sleep research department all its own.
ITC’s Executive Director Nakul Anand told Businessworld that ITC is actively pursuing scientific data that will help the chain offer solutions to guests that struggle with sleep away from home. He said the research department looks carefully at sleep cycles, rapid eye movement, peak times to induce sleep and the best implements to help people get to a restful state. The chain is already known globally for its greening policies, so you can be the options for sleep inducing devices are all natural and holistic; a full sleep system bed hotel may not be far off.
The current result is what they’re calling a “sleep menu” from which guests can select a choice of different pillow arrangements, an in-room foot massage, calming aromatherapy and, as an extension of that, a so-called “Dream Kerchief” doused in oils that are known for their relaxing properties: wipe your face with it and off to la-la-land you drift.
These are just a few of the more high-profile cases where overnight accommodations are broadening to help support better guest experiences when it comes to sleep. A sleep system bed or adjustable beds for restful sleep are another amenity we’re seeing more of. As our awareness of promoting good health and understanding natural ways to sleep better expands, it’s good to know that hoteliers are paying attention.