7 Practical Features to Look for in a New Home


Determining home worth

The real estate business in the United States is huge — over 5 million existing homes were sold in 2013 across the country. Million dollar homes are selling at twice their historic average, so before you decide to invest in luxury property, you should make sure you’re ready to make a big financial commitment. Many luxury home buyers are interested in smart amenities, such as appliances, lighting, entertainment systems, security, and other features that can be controlled remotely.

Buying a new house involves lots of steps, so you should talk to a real estate agent before purchasing luxury real estate. If you’re interesting in finding a dream home, here’s a list of some practical features that you should look for in any place you buy.

    1. Security features
    Moving to a gated community means you will have the added security system of a protected area, and you won’t have to worry about burglaries or break ins. If this is a concern and you want to keep your family and home safe, you should consider moving to an area that offers additional security options. You should also check out crime rates to make sure the neighborhood is a good place for your and your family.

    2. Green appliances
    Having environmentally friendly appliances is great because it can reduce your impact on the environment while saving you money on the electric bill. Modern appliances use less power and are built to have low emissions, and it’s important to tell your real estate agent that you want to have green appliances.

    3. An intercom system
    This is especially important if you’re purchasing a very large home. Calling your family in for dinner or telling them you need to see them can get confusing when you don’t know where everyone is, but having an intercom system ensures you can get in touch even in a huge home.

    4. A big yard
    If you’re moving to the suburbs, one of the best advantages is having a great outdoors space to entertain. Think about what you want in a beautiful yard — a pool, a deck with a great view, a tennis court, or an outdoor dining area are all things to consider.

    5. A large garage
    You should consider how much auto storage you need and look at homes with garages that can accommodate your cars. It is often harder to make changes to a home after you make a purchase, so it’s best to determine your needs and only check out homes that have enough garage space.

    6. A basement or attic
    One thing that is easy to forget about is the storage needs for all of your belongings indoors. Your living space can become cluttered and messy if you don’t have enough storage, so finding a dream home includes this practical aspect of making sure there’s room to keep anything you’re not using out of sight in a basement or attic.

    7. Proximity to your job
    If you find the perfect home that’s a long drive from where you work, you will spend more time traveling and less time at home. You should determine how far away you are willing to commute, and only look at homes in that area.

Have you recently moved into a luxury home and can offer any advice on finding a dream home? Do you have any tips on determining home worth? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Read more here.