Stumped When It Comes to Donating to Charity? Here are Some Ways You Can Get Involved


Donate goods to charity

We’ve all been there: You’ve heard of clothing drives and charity events in your city, but you just aren’t sure how to get involved or know if you can even help. The good news is: you can. While many people wonder about the best charities to donate to, the answer is that any charity that focuses on helping families in need is a great option. If you’re a novice when it comes to donating to charity, here are some ideas that can help get you started.

Things You Can Donate:

Charity clothing pick ups and other charitable clothing donations are a fantastic way to help out in your community. Charity clothing pick ups come right to you to collect items you no longer need. For other types of donations, you can also drop clothing off in drop boxes or at thrift stores, and many church groups and charities host special events to collect clothing, too. Because so many people throw clothing away completely, letting it contribute to pollution in landfills, it’s crucial to donate the items instead so somebody can use them.

Just as there are charity clothing pick ups for used clothing donations, there are also food pick ups that help out community pantries. However, you can also donate items directly to these organizations to help them out. Some charities even serve food to the needy, so you might find yourself donating canned and fresh items, too.

Household Items
People in low income households often struggle to make ends meet, and they may be lacking in some basic necessities. Having adequate small appliances, kitchenware, linens, and even some toys for children can be a struggle. By donating household items you no longer need, you can give to a family that will give those objects a good home. In addition to families in need, many shelters also appreciate these types of items for the people who are staying with them or in transitional housing.

Plenty of charities are looking for volunteers to help them with day to day tasks, and most of those organizations are right in your area. You won’t even have to go far, as you can help people in your community. You may be asked to sort through clothing donations, serve food, or work with children in need. The possibilities are endless when you donate yourself.

Research shows that at least 70% of Americans donate to charity about once yearly, but just imagine if we all were able to pitch in. Also, donating to charity can help lower your tax bill if you itemize it.

Have you helped a charity before, or are you thinking about ways you can start? Tell us about it in the comments.