Are You Looking to Buy a Home? You May Want to Consider One That Is in Foreclosure


Buy a house in foreclusure

About 63% of people in the United States feel that being a homeowner is preferable to being a renter. In actuality, now might be a good time to purchase a home, since the United States Census states that about 13% of american houses are currently unoccupied.

In some cases, this may be because they are foreclosures. One of the reasons to buy a house in foreclusure is that one may be able to get the home for less than half of its initial cost.

When looking for a new home, location is an important consideration. With that in mind, you may want to think about San Antonio foreclosures specifically. After all, this particular foreclosure housing market may be worth looking into when you think about the fact that the city of San Antonio has a rising number of employed citizens and a good number of available job openings.

All this said, compared with August of 2012, the same month in 2013 found that there were 454,000 less foreclosed homes available for purchase. If you have questions, comments, or recommendations with regard to anything from San Antonio foreclosures to homes for sale in San Antonio to how to pick the best realtor, you may share them in the section below. Research more like this: