DIY poured Mason jar candle


Burning candles on wooden background
DIY poured Mason jar candle
I am really glad to share with DIY today. Actually, there are plenty of reasons to share DIY today. One, I have come up with a new logo and second I love to make candles. Needless to mention that last charismas I had managed to make 25 candles for my family and friends. To make them, I roam here and there to buy unique glass containers, melting wax, colors and many other things.  No doubt, it was great experience of my life.

Besides, trusting someone is really difficult me. However, I have always preferred John at Superior Candle Company eBay supplier (tandj999) for wax and different items. This company offers finest quality of material on reasonable rates. In case, if there is no kit of your choice, send them a message via eBay and they will list your kit on the website.


  • Wick holder sticks
  • Wax colorant; beads, bars or in liquid form
  • Candle pouring pot
  • Wicks and wick stickums
  • Pint sized Mason jar
  • Cute material or card to finish off your candle
  • 1 lb bag of soy wax flakes (very easy to work with!)
  • A wooden spoon
  • Scent oil of your choice (optional)

Prior to beginning with the candle making process, make sure that you have all necessary supplies. In the project, we do not need inner seal part of the Mason jar lid however eliminate it. Before pouring the wax in the jar clean it properly.

Besides, some wicks are packaged and they look very creepy, there is no need to worry. You just need smooth them by running your finger along with wicks.

Now, it is time to apply stickum on metal base of your wick. Actually, this is applied for holding the wick tightly in the jar.  After that, place your wick at the bottom on your jar on center. In addition, use two sticks – the wick holders- for holding the wick tightly while you pour wax in the jar. It is the time to maintain balance of the wick otherwise it will be crocked.

Now, you have to melt you wax. There are plenty of ways to melt wax but I generally put the wax on lowest heat on stove. Remember, keep stirring unless your wax is not melted and its color will be yellow when it is completely melted.

Now, it is time for the color. John of eBay does not allow me to use his crummies but I use them because it changes multiple colors very fast. If you are looking for bright colored candle then use his color blocks which he sends with his kits.  If you are using color bricks then follow the instructions given in the packaging otherwise experiment is a good option. The amount of color will not harm the wax.

Now, it is time for scent. You can use scent of your own choice but I personally choose Warm Vanilla Sugar. After completing this process, you should wait for at least 30 minutes to cool your wax. Once you feel that wax is cool to the desired texture, pour it in the jar. If you think that it is cooled too much, put it on the heat for at least 10 seconds to melt again.  To clean pouring pot, I generally use my spoon and towel.

Remember, your wax should be cooled until it looks like a slurpie from 7-11!