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5 Tips to Help You Hire the Right HVAC Contractor

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Life in much of the United States would not be nearly as comfortable or even possible without proper heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in place. The systems that provide our homes with the heating and air conditioning that they need take up about 48% of the energy we all use. This makes these systems account for the largest energy expenses in most American homes. While some people may overlook this, having the right duct installations done makes a big difference in our energy usage. Nearly one quarter of all heat generated by HVAC systems is lost through small holes and cracks. When there are problems with the duct installation, that number can increase. When you are looking for a reputable HVAC company to perform AC repairs or repairs to your duct system, there are things you can do to make sure you get the right one.

  1. Learn more about what you need done. If you take the time to look into the workings of your HVAC system, including the work done for the duct installation, you may get a better idea of what you need. When you are not clear on what your needs are, you will have a much harder time getting it. If you bought an existing home with a system, try to get the maintenance history. Keep a record of the issues you have when you are heating or cooling your home. This will give you a better sense of any work that you need to be done.
  2. Talk to the people you know. You know people who own their own homes. There are air conditioning systems in at least two thirds of American homes so you also know people who have had AC repairs done. They may even have had a duct installation completed. Talk to your friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors about the contractors they had come to their homes. Ask them how they found them, what they thought of working with them and the costs. The best way to find decent goods and services is to get a recommendation from someone you know and trust. The best thing is when you get the same recommendation from two people independent of each other.
  3. Make sure the contractor has the right certifications and licenses. Many HVAC contractors will put this information on their website but you should do everything you can to verify that they have what they need. If the contractor you hire has been certified by a group like North American Technician Excellence (NATE), you know they have had to pass some tests and adhere to the appropriate quality standards. NATE does not certify workers who are not knowledgable about the work that they do.
  4. Verify their insurance coverage. Working on HVAC units and duct installation projects may not seem like the most dangerous work in the world but there are hazards involved. You need to know that the company that comes into do work in your home has the right insurance. You can be liable for any injuries or accidents that happen on your property if they are not covered. A reputable contractor or company will not have a problem supplying you with proof of their insurance but an unscrupulous company may. Beware of any company that refuses to give you this.
  5. Get everything in writing. If you need to have a big project done, such as a duct installation, you should have several companies come in and give you estimates for the work that needs to be done. One very good thing to do is to get at least three quotes in writing. Make sure they itemize all of the work that they will do so you can more readily compare and contrast the quotes that you get. Keep in mind that the price should not be the only factor you consider when you are making your hiring decision. The cheapest contractor may end up costing you a lot more in the long run and the most expensive may not be the most qualified.

If you do some research, you will find the right HVAC contractor to handle all of the projects in your home.

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