Diagnosing Garage Door Problems


If the garage door begins to malfunction, it needs to be fixed immediately (watch the video below). But before anything, the garage owner needs to know the exact cause of the problem. If the garage door won’t open or close, check for these three common problems before calling a maintenance specialist to fix garage door.

  • 1. If the garage door doesn’t work, check the control panel to ensure it’s working.

    Video Source

    Switch on the control panel and look for the light indicator to illuminate green.

  • 2. Check the power source. A lack of power is another reason why the garage door won’t open or close properly. Typically, the cause of this problem is a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker within the electric system. The second reason could be that the power cord is unplugged.
  • 3. Check that the door is balanced correctly. A garage door that feels heavy while lifting could indicate a broken spring inside the unit. If you detect this problem with your door, you need to call a maintenance specialist right away and don’t attempt to fix this problem by yourself because it could be dangerous and injure you in the process. Call home for more details!
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