10 Tips for Getting Engaged


The video talks about engagement and some of the things a person needs to do to prepare to propose to someone.

One tip is to pick a special day to propose. Engagement days are almost as important and memorable as wedding days.

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Therefore, the individual needs to think of a happy day and ensure that no bad things have happened on that day in previous years.

Another tip is for the person to consider the partner and how that person feels about the element of surprise. The other person may not be someone who likes surprises or public proposals. Therefore, the individual who is proposing should think that over before making a move.

The engagement ring is another crucial item that the person needs to consider seriously. Choosing the wrong type of ring can dampen the proposal’s effect. Thus, the individual should do research concerning the person’s likes, dislikes, jewelry type, and allergic tendencies. Talking to family members about the recipient’s preferences can help. The person can also ask subtle questions to get information from the recipient.

Anyone interested in proposing can receive a wealth of helpful information from the video and then make wise choices to receive the most favorable proposal answer.