What Is a She-Shed and How to Create Your Own


You’re probably familiar with the term ‘man-cave,’ but have you ever heard of the term she shed? It’s not as popularized, but this doesn’t mean every family women doesn’t deserve her own space! If you’re curious about what a she shed is, and how to design a she shed, read on!

What Is a She Shed?

Like a ‘man-cave’, a she shed is where a woman can escape daily life, stress, and their partner if they happen to be driving them up the walls!

It’s quaint, quiet, and completely customized to suit her needs, whether she’s a painter, a writer, a sculptor, or simply just a reader. You don’t necessarily have to devote the she shed to your craft. If you want a quiet area to yourself, where you can watch movies, eat snacks, or even take a nap, a she shed is the place to be!

What’s the Difference Between a Man Cave and a She Shed

Aside from the obvious fact that one is for a man and one is for a woman, they really don’t differ at all. It depends on what you wish to do with the space itself. Some men may find comfort in fixing old cars in their garage. They may also enjoy watching sports in the basement. Women can also find solace in these hobbies, as everyone has unique interests and deserves to express themselves, without relying on a partner.

The principle of having your own space to turn to — if you need it — is desirable to many couples!

This is not to say a woman is moving out of the house if she decides she wants some room to grow.

Spending time apart is just as crucial as spending time together.

Why Every Woman Deserves a She Shed

Moms, wives, and just women, in general, have a bad habit of putting everyone else’s needs above their own. It may not feel like it’s taking a toll on them. But over time, complete selflessness may leave you feeling hollow and drained. Every person needs their own space. Having an area to yourself, away from the fast paced life, allows you to reset.

Having a she shed also allows you to spend more time on your hobbies, whether you enjoy kickboxing, knitting, or reading in your sanctuary. Having your own space can also give your marriage or partnership some much needed air. You may think the world of your spouse. But everyone needs their ‘me time,’ every now and then.

These sheds can have a wide array of purposes. They can be used as:

  • offices
  • reading nooks
  • painting studios
  • writers dens

Now that you’re convinced that you need a she shed of your own, here’s how to design a she shed you’ll love.

Figure Out Your Location

Figure out where you want your she shed to go. You can set up your space in the attic, or build a shed to place out in the backyard. Think about where you’ll enjoy spending the most time. If you’re into motorcycling, you might want to put your she shed outside where you can work on your bike. Also consider the climate in your area. If it gets scorching hot or stormy in your area, perhaps building outdoors isn’t the best idea. You can also look into building a home additon, or create your she shed in the spare room of your home.

Whatever the case may be, select a spot that is:

You can even create a nice and sustainable living space in your garage. Make sure to replace or reinforce the garage doors if they’re old to increase the safety factor.

Decorate Your She Shed

This is your time to completely take the reigns when renovating. No one should tell you what color to paint the walls, or what kind of decor you should buy. These decisions on how to design a she shed are ultimately up to you, so enjoy your freedom!

Add a Furnace

If you live in a colder climate, invest in a furnace to keep you nice and toasty instead.

Furthermore, a theme may help you stay on track when decorating. What calls to you the most — is it boho, modern city gal, or bright and airy?

Add Personalized Touches

Of course, don’t forget to add finishing touches when you design a she shed. You can add pictures of your loved ones, or your own artwork when designing the space. Add anything that makes you feel calm and aligned.

Ensure You Can ‘Plug in’

While your she shed should be a place where you can disconnect from the world, ensure there are plenty of power sources. Having ample power in your she shed allows you to play your favorite and relaxing songs. You can also listen to podcasts, plug in a microwave, charge your phone, or use a tablet to watch films. Furthermore, you can charge your computer and work on a novel or any other creative writing projects.

Install Air Conditioning

If you’re using an outdoor shed, set up an air conditioning unit to keep you cool all year.

Stock Your She Shed With Snacks

You don’t want to feel hungry while hanging out in your customized area, so make sure to stock it with your favorite snacks. You can prepare gluten free frozen pizza in your oven to take with you while spending time alone. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up a big mess; it’s also an easy dish to prepare. Guests love it too!

You can also prepare a vegetable platter, or keep a few of your favorite non perishable treats in there like granola bars, nuts, seeds, or chips in your shed.

For unperishable foods, implement this next tip.

Get a Mini Fridge

If you plan on spending a lot of time in your shed, consider bringing in a mini fridge to keep your drinks cold. This tip will eliminate you walking back and forth every time you want an ice cold beverage!

Protect Yourself From the Elements

You should also consider installing soffit and trim work to protect you from the elements. This redirects rainwater away from your roof. In the end, this protects your walls from water damage.

Call a Roofing Inspector to Check Your Home or Shed

Get in touch with a company that conducts roofing services if you wish to extend your home to provide adequate space for your she shed.

You can design a she shed more comfortably when there are more rooms in the home! But this project will require a heavy renovation process, so prepare yourself by ensuring the roof is sturdy enough to handle your vision.

Common Questions When Creating a She Shed

Now you know what steps one must take when you design a she shed. But perhaps, you’re still on the fence. If this applies to you, here are some common questions about building the perfect shed.

Do I Have to Live There?

When you design a she shed, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to move all of your things. No, this is a place for resting your feet after a long day of work. You can also spend the mornings in your shed, reading and drinking coffee.

Is Creating a She Shed Expensive?

If you browse through sites like Pinterest, you’re bound to find gorgeous, picture-perfect she sheds. When you design a she shed, it doesn’t have to look as perfect as the ones you see online. Depending on what kind of features you want, this may drive the price up. However, if you’re on a budget, you can also create a cozy space by cutting back on a few things!

As previously stated, you can use a spare room, and call that space your she shed. It’s best to be a bit further from the house so no one can disturb you, but the main concept is to have a place you can turn to when you need peace and quiet.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Room for a She Shed?

When you design a she shed, you don’t need acres. It should be a small space that you can easily make room for in most backyards. You just need to fit the essentials in there. It’s not like you’re moving in! The shed should only accommodate one to two people.

Do I Have to Be Experiencing Problems in My Marriage to Have a She Shed?

Your relationships — romantic or platonic — can be thriving. This doesn’t mean you don’t deserve ‘me time.’ Spending time alone has been shown to boost self esteem, which means its crucial to your overall wellbeing.

What Else Can I Do in a She Shed?

When you design a she shed, you can also use it as a gym or yoga studio. You can set your yoga mat on the floor and decorate the walls with items that help you improve your practice. For example, place posters of all the various poses in yoga.

If you’d rather lift weights, you can also place a dumbbell rack or barbell. Add rubber mats to the floor, so you don’t damage it.

If you fancy cardio more, add a spin bike or a treadmill instead. Keep a portable fridge freezer nearby so you can store plenty of fresh water.

If you enjoy taking photos, you can also use your shed as a photography studio. Set up your lights and a backdrop to create some of the most stunning photos.

If you’d rather use the space to meditate, then focus on making it a relaxing area. Buy a white noise machine and purchase blackout curtains to shut the world out.

You can even create floral arrangements in your she shed. Anything that comes to mind can be done!

Are Kids Allowed in a She Shed?

This all depends. If you wish to make this a quiet oasis for you to turn to when life gets too hectic, implement a few rules regarding anyone bursting into your shed.

For example, kindly ask your younger kids to knock before entering. Perhaps, they can only come in when invited. You may also implement time limits if you want them to understand your boundaries.

Inversely, if you want your child with you at all times, by all means, invite them in! There are no strict rules unless you create them for others to follow and respect your space.


Now you should understand what a she shed is, and how to design a she shed. Having a space to call your own is essential for the modern women. You can customize this area to suit your unique needs and preferences.

If you have found that your own needs have taken a backseat in your life, allow yourself to be selfish — just this once — and create an area in your home that absolutely inspires you.