Looking for a Commercial Snow Removal Company in Grand Rapids, Mi and Lansing, Mi These Are the Things You Shouldn’t Forget


In recent years, the United States have suffered natural disasters, such as hurricanes, severe winter storms, and wildfires costing the economy billions. According to Munich Re, United States suffered insured winter storm losses averaging $1.5 billion annually from 1996 to 2015 with the 2015 recording a $3.5 billion in damages. The winter rain accompanied by snow results in power outages, blocking of roads, vehicle damage, collapsing of roofs, loss of lives among other destructions. Snow plowing companies can help you reduce the damage to your business and inconveniencing customers.

Weather Patterns

Like other parts of the world in the lower and upper hemisphere, the United States experiences four seasons including summer, autumn, winter and spring. Winter lasts from mid-November to mid-February with the weather changing from now and then. Michigan experiences winds, precipitation, and low temperatures.

Although everyone expects winter storms to characterize winter weather, the intensity is not always the same. High winds and freezing temperatures accompanied by heavy rains bring tons of snow to your business premises and roads. In serious cases, businesses and schools close down, it becomes difficult to venture outside, and large areas suffer power outages.

The harsh weather may last a day or two or more making it necessary to follow the weather patterns keenly. Periods with very low temperatures, usually early December, early January, late January and early February encourage snow deposition. You have to seek commercial snow plowing services to clear the roads, and the parking.

What to Look for in a Company

First, the company you intend to hire must have a good reputation which can be determined easily nowadays through the internet. The social media and websites with various snow plowing companies offers a glimpse of the quality of services offered by a contractor. Likewise, you can know a good company through referrals from friends and family members.

Moreover, the contractor should have wide experience, qualified personnel, and modern equipment, such as truck loaders and tippers. Companies that have been in the business for long usually do a nice job and have experienced employees. Likewise, sophisticated equipment is necessary for collection of the huge snow masses.

Furthermore, the company should respond fast and have good customer care. Also, they should be offering plowing services at the time you are comfortable with. Lastly, they should have a local office to avoid inconveniences.

Largest Snow Removal Companies

Lansing and Grand Rapids are among the largest cities in the State of Michigan with Lansing being the capital and Grand Rapids second in size after Detroit. The two cities are important commercial centers in the Great Lakes state. They are home to big populations and many businesses that suffer greatly as a result of snow fall.

Commercial snow plowing is an extensive exercise that requires a large company since the area covered is large. Being cities, Grand Rapids and Lansing have attracted all manner of snow removal companies. Small companies usually offer residential snow removal services.

In Grand Rapids, Procare, Michigan Lawn Service andamp; Snow, Grand Rapids Snow and Ice Removal, Vtasagh Landscape Management, and MJR are among the well-known commercial contractors. On the other hand, Sneller Snow Systems, All Terra Landscape Services, A-Plus Snow Plowing, and Fantic Lawns andamp; Snow/Ice lead the rest. Look out for one of these companies in your area for the best services.

Hire a Pro

Snow removal services aren’t for every contractor you come across as some are just shadowy companies that end up taking your hard earned money after doing nothing. In some instances, some companies offer residential services only, and hence you must ensure that the company of choice has commercial snow plowing services by visiting their websites or offices. Once you go for a pro, you are assured of receiving satisfactory services without unnecessary delays at a competitive cost.