3 Sofas to Avoid and How to Spot a Good One


The living room is a beloved space in the home. Many precious memories are spent there and the majority are spent on the couch. The couch or sofa, depending on what you call it, is the most important investment in furniture for living rooms. Here are 3 styles to stay away from and also tips for purchasing a couch that is comfortable and looks great.

Marshmallow Sofa

This sofa has huge, puffy rounded arms and a huge, puffy back. It really doesn’t have a style and that is part of the problem. It doesn’t work universally as a sofa that can fit with any design style. When people see this sofa they think of it as indestructible, not stylish.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a classic style that adds versatility to your living room furniture, consider the Chesterfield sofa. It is a classic design that will work in a traditional setting. It can also work in a rustic modern setting and in a bohemian setting. You should not have to switch it out this sofa for a number of years.

Huge Sectional

U shaped sectionals are really tricky because you have to put a coffee table in the center. Or sometimes they put an ottoman, and you have food next to someone’s feet if you are eating in front of the TV. A reason many go with the sectional is because they think it fits a lot of people and they can all be comfortable. The truth is, most people do not want to have a conversation with someone directly next to them.

The more natural way is to sit across from someone or at an angle, and this can be accomplished with a variety of furniture for living rooms. Sofa seating and chair seating will make your living room more versatile and adjustable.

Sofa and Matching Loveseat

Usually when you have the sofa and the matching loveseat the space is not visually exciting. Having differences and contrasts in colors and textures makes for a more visually interesting living room. When situating your furniture for living rooms, the sofa will look best up against the largest wall with accents above. Accents include lighting, paintings, sconces, lamps, and sculptures. If you throw in another sofa like in living room sets, you’ll have two big pieces of furniture for living rooms.

It is much easier to get a regular sofa that seats three people, and a matching pair of armchairs. With these, you will be able to rearrange the furniture as desired. This approach allows you to have more design flexibility and versatility in the way you use furniture for living rooms.

Now that we have discussed what not to buy, now we can discuss what to look for in a sofa.
The first question to ask your self is, what do I need it for? Once you have determined how you will use it then you can begin your search.

The Frame

The frame is important. A frame made of maple will not warp over time. Sometimes composite frames are cheaper but they may not be as durable. Similar to a bed frame, overtime a cheap sofa frame may warp, crack and may even break.

Sofa Base

The base of the sofa is similar to a mattress. Instead of placing the pillows on a wood frame, a base is used to provide additional comfort and support. A coil system is a superior structure for the base. The sofa will not sag over time with a good coil system as the base.


You want the seat pillows to be comfortable. Look for a nice combination of firmness and comfort. Foam wrapped in goose down and feather provides this effect. The back pillows should be soft but still hold their shape and bounce back after pressure is released. The fabric you choose should be versatile and durable. If you are looking for a low maintenance couch, you want to make sure you can spot clean the fabric.

So, now you have a thorough overview of what to look for and what to avoid when selecting a sofa. Take time to search around for the right one for your space.