What Is Craftsman Style Furniture And Why Should You Invest In It?


What Is Craftsman Style?

The craftsman style of furniture, sometimes known as arts and crafts style furniture, came from the 19th century and a movement to bring back quality, craftsmanship, and natural materials. While it began in Great Britain, it has since become a staple in America.

This movement began due to industrial revolution manufacturers beginning to cut corners and produce weaker and cheaper pieces of furniture. Artists and craftsmen rejected this and instead began to create the style that we know today. Many items today are still produced by artisans who work personally on each piece to ensure it reaches the highest standards of quality and style. If you purchase a craftsman style dining table there is a good chance it will last you for the rest of your life.

The Craftsman Style

Unlike many other styles you can find at your local furniture store, there isn’t necessarily one specific thing that inherently marks a piece as craftsman. The main focus of this movement was to create simpler designs with the highest standards of quality. Truly it is the work that goes into the tables and chairs that make the piece ‘craftsman’, as opposed to a color or design scheme.

That said, one style that did evolve from this is commonly known. Mission style features clean lines and a simple appearance mixed with earthy tones. Many Americans have come to favor mission style living room furniture, and it is frequently incorporated into western themed homes.

How To Identify Craftsman Style Furniture

While there is no one thing that ties all the pieces together, one tell tale sign is the weight. A craftsman style dining table will be much heavier than alternatives; as it’s made of solid wood. Additionally, because each piece is handcrafted and not mass produced, each piece will be subtly different than the next.

Many craftsmen also include an identifying mark of some sort on the piece. This could be a burn mark, tag, or other label that states where, when, and who created it; however, it is important to do research on labels beforehand, as it is possible for these to be faked. A quick check will be able to tell you if it is authentic or not.

The Craftsman Style Today

The original movement ended nearly one hundred years ago, but the legacy of that is still going strong. There are many artisans throughout the United States who still hold the values of their predecessors in high esteem. While many mass produced pieces have tried to copy the craftsman feel, and the mission style in particular, it’s important to look for individual artisans in your area. Buying directly from a craftsmen, or from a store that features their products specifically, is the best way to get the quality you’re looking for.

The craftsman style is still valued by homeowners across the country. Because of the quality, a craftsman style dining table is something that will last for decades, if not your entire life. And this goes for any piece created with this style, as you won’t find a mass produced piece that will do the same. If you want to invest in home furnishings that will stand the test of time, craftsman style is what you’ve been looking for.