Taking A Look At The Important Role Of Clothing Donations


If you have an excess of clothing just hanging in your closet, well, you’re normal. It has become easier to buy clothing than ever before, what with the impressive growth in the e-commerce world that has been seen throughout the course of the last few years. People, at least here in the United States, are accruing more and more clothing than ever before. As a matter of fact, up to 20 billion separate garments are consumed throughout the course of just one year in this one country, meaning that the average American gets about 68 new articles of clothing and up to seven new pairs of shoes in this same span of time. To put things in an even better perspective, a typical American woman living nearly 100 years in the past would have had, on average, around nine total outfits to choose from, maybe even less. The average woman of today, however, has 30 – meaning that she has one for just about every single day of the month.

Unfortunately, this means that a lot of clothes end up getting thrown away, as people simply do not have the space to store all of the clothes that they are consuming. It’s estimated, as a matter of fact, that the average person living in the United States will actually throw away up to 10 pounds of clothing over the course of one single year. This means that up to ten and a half million tons of used clothing and other textile goods will end up in landfills all throughout the country, all within a mere 12 month period, the span of just one year.

This is hugely bad for our environment, as many of us know. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to fight against our culture of consuming and creating waste. For one thing, donating your clothing instead of simply just throwing it away can actually have an impressive impact at the end of the day. A Red Cross clothes donation is now easier to make than ever before, as a Red Cross clothes donation can be dropped off at any given clothing donation pickup site for the American Red Cross. Such Red Cross clothing pickup locations are also becoming more and more commonplace all throughout the United States, making Red Cross clothes donations more common than ever before. A Red Cross clothes donation can do a lot of good as well, and not just in the environmental sense.

After all, the American Red Cross provides services to those in need each and every day of the year and each and every hour of the day, including weekends as well as holidays. For the more than 15% of the homeless population that is considered to be chronically homeless, such services are hugely appreciated and hugely necessary. For one thing, the American Red Cross provides shelter to homeless populations, but that’s not all. A Red Cross clothes donation is valuable, as American Red Cross centers provide clothing to the needy as well. They also provide food, blankets, and even blood, should it be necessary. When you donate to the American Red Cross, such as in the form of a Red Cross clothes donation, you can be assured that you are doing good in the world.

And fortunately, more and more people are donating than ever before. As a matter of fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject of charitable donations more than supports this claim. Already, up to 70% of the total American population will donate to charitable organizations at least once over the course of each and every year. This means that the vast majority of people are giving charitably in some way. And while up to 3% of the total collective income for people living in this country will be given charitably over this same span of time, there are many other – totally free – ways to give back as well. Making a Red Cross clothes donation of your old clothing is one great way to do this, and a way to give back that also benefits us all by further protecting our environment, for that matter.