Memory Loss and Your Loved One Why Be Concerned


When you have an aging loved one in the home, you start to think about their care and overall well-being. Long term care facilities are able to assist you in your ability to care for your aging family member more readily, especially if there are are memory loss issues to worry about.

Memory loss is a major thing. As people age, their brains age too, so some memory loss is to be expected. In fact, nearly six million Americans have Alzheimer’s and live with the condition every day. Here are signs you should be concerned about your loved one’s memory loss.

They’re Lacking in Self Care

Have you noticed that your loved one is lacking in care at home? Do they look like they are not washing their hair, changing their clothes, or smell as if they may be urinating or defecating themselves?

When your loved one is no longer caring for their everyday needs, you have to get involved. You need a skilled nursing facility you can rely on to help you with the daily needs of your aging parent or other family member so they get the basic hygiene they need.

Self care can also mean lacking in daily chores around the house. Dirty dishes, filthy clothing, overflowing garbage cans, and junk all over the house can be devastating to a person’s physical and emotional health.

Angry or Sudden Outbursts

As a person becomes more encumbered by memory loss, they can also become hostile and violent in some ways. If your aging loved one is suddenly exhibiting angry behavior or really going over the edge over simple things, or appears to be changing in their normal personality as a whole, then their memory loss needs professional care.

Long term care facilities or even rehab facilities can give you better resources to help manage and treat the way your loved one is acting so they can feel better about themselves and be protected against their own outbursts. If you’re exhausted with dealing with your aging loved one’s change in demeanor due to their memory loss, call their doctor for a referral.

Long term care facilities can help your loved one cope with their age-related memory loss. Alzheimer’s is a difficult disease to cope with, but with the right resources, your loved one can thrive.