Why Down Syndrome is More Manageable Than You Realize


Many people worry about what happens when they hear their baby or child has Down Syndrome. This disability doesn’t stop these young people from living full lives, though. In the United States alone, there are about 6,000 babies with Down Syndrome born every year. Some people have Down Syndrome questions and aren’t sure what this means for their children who have it. Here’s a look at how these children can go on to live long, happy lives to hopefully answer some Down Syndrome questions.

Many Individuals Still Work and Lead a Busy Life

Parenting a child with Down Syndrome might mean some adjustments, but it doesn’t mean their lives need to be as isolated as they once were. Many of these children go on to hold jobs, attend school, and live life in their own special way. It is often possible for these young people to connect with others through schools or groups so they can go on to make friends. Down Syndrome education is becoming more popular, allowing parents and caregivers to connect with one another and find ways to help their child or loved one lead an independent life. This allows them to have full and complete lives, just as any other person would.

Those With Down Syndrome Are Living Longer More Than Ever

Thanks to medical advancements, those with Down Syndrome are living longer more than ever. These individuals can live up to their 60s, although some have been reported to live into their 80s as well. Because of life expectancy, they can go on to do many things with their lives and some even live on their own. This is helpful to know for anyone who worries about their child not having a full life. Just about anything is possible, thanks to medical advancements!

Disability is More Common and Understood

About 10% of the population in the whole world has some kind of disability. This means people understand a little more about disabilities, living with them, and how to manage them. They are no longer kept in the dark as they were years prior. While Down Syndrome questions will still occur, people understand the disability now better than they have in the past.

Understanding Down Syndrome no longer has to be difficult or complicated. It’s important to know young people can go on to live for many years and lead independent lives on their own. With so many people in the general population experiencing disabilities, this is something that can finally be accepted as a new normal.