What do You Want to See in a Home?


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Master planned community developers are willing to work with you to get started on the house that you desire. Modern home builders will sit down with you and discuss the benefits of master planned communities and what to look for in a new home. Today we will take a look at some of the most important aspects to those seeking a new home in a master planned community, and how we can help.

What an Average American is Looking For

Research has been conducted over the years showing what many people look for in their new home. In 2015, an alarming 30% of people said that they wanted to purchase a home just so that they could finally own a home of their own. People are still owning apartments today, but many are trying to take that initial step into real home ownership. For instance, 63% of people say that they would be willing to spend more on an apartment if it was located in an area with good green spaces, and some believe that it is best to live in areas with opportunities and shopping.

Many Americans are also looking for a good, green yard with many sights to see. 75% of Americans believe that it is important to spend time in their yards and 83% of Americans think that having a yard is important, with 90% preferring that their own yard is well-maintained. Many more Americans are also looking into homes that are newly-built instead of ones that have been lived in previously. 2 in 5 Americans actually prefer that they sit down with a builder and look into options for a new home of their own. There are many reasons for this, but one of the benefits is that taxes on new homes are actually lower in the first two years of living than in a home that was previously lived in.

No matter what you decide, master planned community developers are willing to sit down with you and help you understand your options. These self-sustaining communities that practically build themselves are communities you probably can’t wait to get your hands on. We can help make those dreams come true.