3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Plan


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It’s understandable to wonder what is a plan specific homebuilder? These builders work with plans that can be altered to suit the needs of a home buyer. Many prefer working with plan specific home builders as it tends to make the home building process much easier than normal. With that in mind, here are three important tips for choosing the perfect home plan.

  1. Figure out Space Requirements Early

    You’ll find it wise to have somewhat of an idea of how much space you’ll need when choosing a home plan. Considering that, larger families may need to have multiple bedrooms. On the other hand, a young couple purchasing their first home might be more focused on large living room and kitchen areas for entertaining friends.
  2. Outdoor Features are Important to Consider

    When looking at home plans, it’s important to not forget about outdoor spaces. People purchasing homes in warmer climates tend to include outdoor areas such as a lanai or sunroom. In 2015, out of 648,000 homes completed for single families, 14,000 of these homes had both a patio and a lanai.
  3. Modify a Home Plan as Necessary

    Working with a plan specific homebuilder usually allows you to make alterations to the plan of your choosing. In fact, statistics show that about 69% of homeowners would spend more money on a home if it had new kitchen appliances installed. Speaking of a kitchen, many homeowners prefer to have an island in this room of a home. Considering that, a kitchen needs to be at least 8 feet deep and 12 feet long to even consider an island. Otherwise, the island will take up far too much room within a kitchen.

In summary, there are several important tips to follow when creating a plan specific home. You might be asking yourself what is a plan specific homebuilder? These builders utilize a wide range of plans to help you create the perfect home. You’ll want to ensure that space requirements are figured out as early as possible into the home building process. If you live in the right climate, it’s wise to include outdoor features that allow you to make the most out of great weather found in a tropical climate. Many home plans are made to be modified, don’t be afraid to make a few alterations to create the house of your dreams.