When Break-Ins Happen, Call a Locksmith


There is a chance that you have or you will lose your car key one day. Such are the instances when you’ll need the services of a local locksmith. However, you do not need to wait until you’re in the situation before you call a locksmith near me.

Understanding all about locksmithing could help you make better decisions. But first, you need to be sure about how professional your choice is. This expert must have the required certification, licenses, experience, and skills to handle your keys and locks. What’s more, you must be sure of their integrity. You’ll need a locksmith company whenever you lose your keys or need your locks repaired. This professional comes with the expertise and experience to re-key or even replace your car or house keys. They’ll carry out the procedure without damaging your item even further.

Many states require that a locksmith be adequately licensed. This certificate aims to assure the consumer of their safety. It also shows that the licensed locksmith is a professional. Further, it will be easier for you to hold them responsible in case anything goes wrong. Remember, one can only get this certificate when one attends a safety workshop to learn basic security check protocols.

Door installation

No one ever thinks a home break-in will happen to them. Unfortunately, burglars and thieves nowadays are breaking locks on homes as if they’re locksmiths, and often times they manage to get away with something from inside. Even commercial door locks aren’t enough to stand up to thieves today, and sometimes when a door gets broken into, whether at home or work, the entire door ends up needing to be replaced or locksmiths need to be contacted to for help installing a door and a new lock. But how often are burglars breaking and entering in today’s society? Do break-ins really happen that often?

For starters, studies show that a home burglary happens nearly every 123 seconds here in the United States. In only one year, an estimated two million home burglaries are reports in the U.S. That’s a lot of doors and locks being broken. Unfortunately, the burglary incidents are gradually going up, considering the fact that in 2013 there were 1.9 million burglaries compared to the two million of today.

So who is most at risk? How are thieves sneaking into homes and businesses? Well, typically they resort to forced entry. In fact, about 59% of burglaries in 2013 resulted from forced entry. As for who is most at risk for being broken into? Well, recent studies have found that renters are 85% more at risk of experiencing a break-in than home and business owners.

Fortunately, renters, homeowners, and business owners can take steps to protect against break-ins. A good first step would be to install a deadbolt on the front door of the home or apartment. Because nearly 34% of break-ins occur by thieves breaking through the front door, fortifying the front door will go a long way into keeping the home safe. Additionally, renters and homeowners should have a locksmith take a look at their door and check over the locking mechanism. A locksmith will know if a lock needs to be replaced, and what kind of lock would be best suited to the home, business, or apartment.

So the next time your lock breaks or you feel your home needs better protection, count on a locksmith to keep your family safe.