Cost Saving Tips For the Moving Process


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Everyone knows that moving is a big task. Depending on the size of your house and the amount of your belongings, this process can take months. However, what many people do not realize is that moving can also be very expensive. There are moving supplies, transportation costs, and the possibility of replacements of broken or damaged items. Fortunately, there are a few cost savings moving tips that can help you cut the costs of moving.

Request the help of family and friends

Request help from your family and friends. Let everyone know that you will be moving soon and to save any moving supplies. You may be surprised at how many boxes you end up with. You can also request physical moving help and vehicle usage of friends with the promise of payment in food or drinks. Enlisting the help of a friend with a large truck can save you hundreds, sometimes thousands just on the cost of the moving truck.

Family and friends can be beneficial in the move because they know your desires and preferences. They know how you like things to be packed and they can help you rid of items you no longer want or need. When you hire a moving helper, they are not as keen to your wants and needs and may have to ask you for further information.

Extend the moving process

When you are rushed in moving, you tend to spend more. You have to pay last minute prices for moving labor help and you have to pay full price for moving supplies. You may even resort to paying family and friends to help with the move, because you are in a time crunch. If you have the ability to extend the move over a longer period of time, you will notice that the costs decrease. You also have the ability to extend the cost of moving over many months, making it more affordable.

Price shop moving labor websites

Moving labor websites provide you with local moving quotes for moving labor professionals. When you price shop on moving labor websites, you can guarantee that you are getting the best price for a professional mover. Professional movers can save you a lot during the move process because of their efficiency and knowledge of the best moving practices. The cost of the moving professionals usually includes moving supplies, transportation, and all associated physical labor costs. You will find that your items are more organized and that the process is smoother.

Hiring a professional mover from moving labor websites can also cut the possible costs of moving by better protecting your expensive belongings. If a friend damages or breaks your TV, for example, you are usually responsible for the costs yourself. Depending on the size and type of TV, this could be thousands of dollars. When you hire professional movers, however, you can ensure that your items are protected. They have the ability to better protect your items, and if damage does occur, it is covered by the moving company.

Plan a garage sale

Moving is the perfect time to rid your house of unwanted or unneeded belongings. You can organize a garage sale while the professional movers take care of the packing and moving. The funds that you raise from the garage sale can be applied to your moving costs. You will be left with a more organized and efficient house, as it can be timely and costly finding storage space for items you do not want.

Most people are aware of the stress and physical labor that is often associated with moving. However, many people are not aware of how expensive it can be, until they are forced to move themselves. There are many unexpected costs with moving. You can reduce these costs by enlisting the help of family and friends, borrowing moving trucks or moving supplies, purchasing items used, price shopping professional movers on moving labor websites, and using professional movers while you arrange a garage sale to raise additional funds.