Amish Craftsmanship Why We Should Pay More Attention To It



It’s likely that you have a vague idea of who the Amish people are and how they live. Many of us believe in the stereotype that the Amish lifestyle means that this group of people have totally cut themselves off from the outside world. In actuality, many Amish-owned businesses sell to outside consumers, and are quite successful in doing so. The Amish are particularly known for their skills as woodworkers, relying upon old techniques and creating crafts that will last for years to come. If you did know about this already, it’s quite likely that you, like many people, were under the impression that this means that Amish people crafted things like furniture only. While we will explore Amish furniture below, furniture is not the only craft that the Amish can make. Many are now discovering the quality of an Amish built garage, or for that matter Amish storage barns and Amish sheds. The great thing about crafts like these is that they are attractive and long-lasting, while at the same time having that high quality of craftsmanship that is seen in Amish furniture. It’s no wonder that in recent years, the demand for Amish crafts has truly exploded and reached the next level. With that being said, let’s look into how Amish crafts were rediscovered, and why whether they’re practical or decorative, they’re always high-quality.

The Rediscovery Of Amish Craftsmanship

Once you’ve experienced the quality of an Amish built garage and other Amish-made products, you’ll likely wonder why you’ve only heard about them recently. This is again, in large part because the Amish do live typically secluded lives. But again, this doesn’t mean that their businesses are isolated, especially in today’s world. Originally, Amish furniture gained recognition in the 1920s. At this point in time, Amish folk art was being discovered and dealers and art historians began placing a high value on Amish crafts. Until then, Amish furniture had really only been known to the community, and perhaps a few art dealers outside of it. People really began to value this furniture style, and for that matter the products that were meant for more practical purposes. The great thing about these products is that the Amish use and depend on them themselves. You as a consumer are getting the same level of quality that these people expect out of works that they will use. It also adds a bit of a personal touch to the crafts.

Practical Pieces Of Amish Craftsmanship

So, why is the quality of an Amish built garage so much higher than a garage you might buy at a hardware store? Well, for one thing, an Amish garage is not mass-produced. It can be custom made, is different from other pieces, and for that matter it will be made with a particular care that won’t be seen in pieces that are largely made and assembled by machines. The quality of an Amish built garage comes in part from what it is made of. The Amish only use certain types of wood when crafting their pieces. The furniture, for example, is made from hickory, walnut, cherry, oak, or maple wood with few exceptions. A lot of time is put into designing pieces, even when they’re practical. But as much time as it takes for your piece to be built and shipped, it will last far longer. A wooden shed, for example, can be expected to last for 15 to 20 years. The same cannot necessarily be said for a generic, mass-produced work.

Understanding Amish Craftsmanship

One thing that many appreciate about Amish work is that when buying it, consumers aren’t just giving their money to generic corporations. They’re patronizing a culture that has survived for centuries. The Amish have positive goals and lifestyles, and by buying Amish crafts, you are supporting them. Perhaps most importantly, you’re putting on display work that looks good and performs fantastically. This keeps the Amish traditions alive for years to come.