Long-Lasting, Durable And Beautiful Why You Should Buy Linen Sheets


Organic linen sheet sets

Your bed is one of the most beloved parts of your home. It’s the host to many a restful night’s sleep after a long day’s work or weekend movie extravaganza with friends. Why shouldn’t it look beautiful and be long-lasting to boot? Everything from your regular fitted sheet to your pattern blankets should be composed of materials that encourage heat retention and add class to your master room. Linen is considered one of the softest and most capable materials around — it’s been in use for thousands of years all across the world, ranging from France to Italy to China.

History Of Textiles

Textiles have been found all over the world, adapting to a variety of climates and influencing even modern crafting processes today. Dyed flax fibers, for example, were discovered in a prehistoric cave in Georgia — the use of woven linen fabrics suggested a time-stamp of over 36,000 BP! Linen textiles are estimated to be the oldest in the world, with straw, seeds and fibers having been found in ancient Swiss lake dwellings.

Cold And Hot Weather

Nobody likes a high energy bill! Whether it’s air-conditioning to cool down your home or a heater to stave off the cold bite of winter, the right materials can help you manage your energy consumption and keep you comfortable. Linen cloth is known for its high permeability of air and heat — it’s five times warmer than wool and 19 times more retentive than silk. A person wearing linen clothes has been found to perspire 1.5 times less than someone wearing cotton. When it comes to cold weather, linen sheets are your best friend!

Finding The Right Sheets And Blankets

Did you know linen bed sheets can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before it starts to feel wet? It’s considered a prime material for people who want a pleasant and cool sensation every time they lay down to rest (with the aforementioned heat retention helping, too!). Even better is how linen’s unique texture actually improves every time it’s washed, as the exposure to water and heat makes it softer and encourages it to last longer. When looking for a fitted sheet or quality sheet sets, make sure you choose linen — you’ll literally feel its benefits overnight!

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