Top Ranked Designs for Luxury Homes


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Luxury home plans are now more popular than ever, with more people wanting custom home models. There are numerous advantages to this idea, including the fact that you’ll save money in the long run, since you won’t need many renovations if you do any at all during your time in the home. Luxury home builders see many trends over time, so read on for just a few of the current trends for designer home plans!


Open concept layouts are huge for any potential homebuyers, whether they are investing in custom home plans or shopping for existing property. An open floor plan allows you to make the space your own, and is ideal for entertaining friends and family. It is also ideal for families with small children, allowing parents to keep a better eye on their kids.


To name just a few of the luxuries many buyers are asking for: professional, deluxe personal at-home spa rooms, custom wine cellars with tasting rooms, full outdoor kitchens with features like wood-fire ovens for pizza, and vineyards. Many also ask for fully-wired smart systems that connect their home’s security and functions to smart phones and tablets.


Geothermal heating and cooling systems are huge in these home plans, since they can save the homeowners 25 to 50% on cost over time, in addition to reducing their home’s energy emissions. Other energy-efficient features popular right now are solar panels, in addition to using energy-efficient materials on the home overall.

What do you think of these luxury home plans? Would they fit your vision? What would you change or add? We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!