Replace Your Lost or Broken TV Remote


Dvd player remote

Remote controls have made our lives a lot easier when it comes to using our technology. However, a misplaced or broken remote can cause a lot of frustration. To remedy this situation, some companies now supply Philips remote control replacement, allowing the customer to receive a duplicate of their lost or broken remote. Replacement remotes are not universal remotes, but exact replicas of the original remote controls.

Remote Control History and Future

The name “Lazy Bones” was given to the very first TV remote created. It had a wire that connected it to the TV. It wasn’t until 1955 that the first wireless TV remote was created. It is estimated that Americans watch 2.8 to five hours of TV every day. Nielsen?s 2015 Advance National TV Household Universe Estimate reports 116.3 million TV homes. There are 189 cable TV channels on average, and 17 of them are tuned into regularly by viewers. There are approximately 20 channels on a basic cable lineup. Expanded basic cable, however, has a capacity for 70 channels. People who channel surf compulsively are called “zappers”, this is usually determined by people who change the channel 62 to 100 times per hour. Programmable remote controls with a touch screen included is one of the most heavily desired changes for the TV remote controls. Between 47% and 59% of consumers agree that a touch screen would improve their entertainment experiences.

Remote Control Usage in the Home

A missing or broken remote causes issues for all remote users. In fact, 20% of Americans have a device, such as an audio system, that they do not use because they are unable to find their remote control for the electronic. Oddly enough, studies have shown that when remotes are misplaced in the home, 4% of them are found in the fridge or freezer and 2% are found as far as outside the house and inside the car.

The businesses that provide Philips remote control replacement are very beneficial to many people since so many remotes are used in our homes. Studies from the Consumer Electronics Association state that there are four remotes in an average American home. Currently, there are approximately 160 million U.S. homes that have a TV and together they use about 335 million remote controls with their electronics. People who have a home theater may use five or six remotes to operate it, for devices such as a VCR, DVR or DVD player, an audio amplifier, a cable or satellite receiver and the television itself. TV remote replacement can save people a lot of hassle when a remote is no longer able to be used. There is no need to downgrade to a universal remote with Philips remote control replacement.