5 Unique Wedding Receptions


Miami reception hall

You’re engaged, congratulations! Now comes the daunting, yet exciting part of planning your wedding. Out of 2.4 million weddings that occur in the United States alone, 30% of brides to be spend seven to 12 months planning every detail of their special day, so you might want to look at different places for wedding receptions soon and book them nine to 12 months in advance! If you’re considering breaking away from the mold, why not try these unusual wedding venues?

Abundant Artifacts

If you’re a history nut you’re sure to have visited countless museums. There’s something so serene about the preserved art pieces and relics. A calming sensation seems to fill one’s body and soul while surrounding yourself in the tales of the past. Why not begin your time together as a married couple surrounded by ancient artifacts that will (hopefully) give your marriage a push down the path of eternity? Just be sure to follow the rules very carefully as they’re in place so such events don’t damage the precious relics. The collections of art and culture are unique to each museum, so find one that speaks to you and go for it!

Riverfront Memories

Wedding receptions are increasingly becoming outdoor events, with 35% of them taking place under the sun or stars. Instead of opting for a park or backyard reception, try a riverfront scene.
Assuming the river you choose is not polluted, the sights can be wonderful. The best time would probably be during the summer (June is actually the most popular month of the year, racking in about 15% of weddings). The rushing of the water, the slight breeze blowing away any pesky bugs, and if you’re lucky enough, a gorgeous backdrop of stars or a sunset will add a romantic atmosphere to your special night. Depending on your local laws, the wedding party may be able to release floating lanterns into the sky – – what a beautiful sight!

Caves, Caverns, and Stalagmites, Oh My!

So maybe water isn’t your idea of a good time. Perhaps you like something with a little more mystery or wonder. Having wedding receptions in a cave would certainly give guests a fantastic memory. You would need artificial lighting, of course, unless partying in pure darkness is what you’re going for. Keep in mind you may also have to section off part of the cave, depending on how deep it is, so guests don’t accidently venture too far in. Be sure to watch out for stalagmites!

Timeless Tales for Timeless Love

If outdoors or the underground turn you off, but you’d still like that perfectly romantic, yet unique spot consider a library. Your local library may not be all the buzz, but there are some gorgeous libraries around. If either of you are an avid reader, this is right up your alley! Imagine being surrounded by timeless tails of love with the love of your life. You can’t get much more romantic than that.

Enjoy the Fish

If you’re a fish lover or an enthusiastic scuba diver, why not look at your local aquarium for your wedding? Many offer all inclusive event packages for any occasion. You’ll have a special room right in the heart of the action, often with all walls being made of the glass so you’re constantly surrounded by the magnetic sea creatures.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic riverside party or one surrounded by pages filled with the words of famous authors, there’s a unique place out there that speaks to you. Just make sure you follow their rules on wedding receptions so more happy couples can enjoy the venue!