Safety 101 How Custom Plastics Have Changed Public Health Forever


Product packaging manufacturers

In the 1960s, a Canadian doctor would change the world forever when he invented his patented “Palm’n’Turn” child-proof packaging. Those simple, push and twist medicine caps quickly became standard on medicine bottles and dangerous household chemicals, saving an untold number of lives in the decades to come.

Even today, the inventions made by your local custom plastic molding company help keep people of all ages safe. That’s because 82% of U.S. adults takes one medication regularly, while 29% take at least five! And with all those medications filling up our homes, it’s never been easier for children to access potentially dangerous medicines. Or, at least, it would, were it not for product packaging manufacturers.

After the 1970 Poison Prevention Act required every custom plastic molding company and medical company to use safe packaging, accidental child poisoning deaths dropped by 82%. Even so, about 1,100 parents frantically call emergency rooms and poison call centers when their children swallow something they shouldn’t, but there’s no doubt that number would otherwise be far higher.

But it’s not just children who benefit from the materials produced by a custom plastic molding company. Plastic closure manufacturers also produce specialty dosing caps, which help aging Americans and the disabled more accurately measure the correct dosage. In one study by Cornell University, 8% of people poured out too little, while 12% poured too much. That’s why the specialty packaging produced by a reputable custom plastic molding company are vital to public health outcomes.

Remember: Today, most medicines come in blister pack. Experts recommend taking the following three steps: 1) Check the outside of the package for signs of wear, tear, or tampering, 2) At home, check the inside label to be sure it’s the right medicine. Then check to see if all the seals are intact. 3) Finally, double check the color, quantity, and smell. When in doubt, talk to your doctor.