3 Reasons to Make a Good Will Donation Today


Donate clothes

At the end of the day the point of donating should be helping families in need. A good will donation comes from the heart, there really shouldn’t have to be convincing, kind of defeats the intention. Regardless people are busy, life happens and sometimes even compassionate souls forget or don’t bother to do so. Money can also be a preventative issue. Hard to give to someone when your living tight yourself. Making a donation can be easy and painless though, here are just a few ideas.

    1.) Clothing Clothing/textiles make up about 5% of total trash in U.S. landfills. Of that number 90% could be recycled and reused by people in need, or sold with the money going to support them. If you don’t have the means to do so financially, donating clothes is a great supplement. Look for and donate used toys while cleaning out your closet as well.

    2.) Pick-up Busyness, forgetfulness and even lack of transportation are no longer excuses. Gather your old clothes and belongings and call one of the many charities that will pick up donations. Half of people surveyed prefer door-to-door pickups. If they offer it, take advantage!

    3.) Altruism The act or belief in helping someone else for no other reason then concern for them. The world is polluted with violence and selfishness. The more people give back, help their neighbors and fellow community members, the better for everyone. Plus it will make you feel good. That’s something no one can put a price tag on.

With plenty of charities to support, over 1.5 million tax-exempt ones in the U.S. alone, there’s no more excuses for inaction. Find one you like or believe in and make a good will donation today. You won’t regret it.