Catching Some Zzzs Finding the Perfect Adjustable Bed


Adjustable bed mattress

Making sure that you get enough sleep to leave you feeling refreshed in the morning is not only crucial to ensuring your mental and emotional health, but your psychical health as well. When sleeping on a traditional flat mattress, however, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult.

Traditional flat mattresses can often cause back problems, as our S-shaped spines have gaps without support on the mattress. In addition, insomnia has been known to cause muscular pain in individuals. If you find yourself having trouble getting a good night’s sleep and often feel as if your muscles are tense and uncomfortable, it may be a good idea to switch from a traditional flat mattress to an electric adjustable bed.

Getting Your Beauty Sleep With an Electric Adjustable Bed:

  • Traditional, flat mattress often don’t feel good on a person’s muscles, so they unconsciously change positions to avoid the pain and tension caused by sleeping in uncomfortable ways. If they end up sleeping on their side, however, breathing can be hindered as well as blood flow.
  • One of the best benefits of an electric adjustable bed is that you have access to thousands of comfortable sleeping or lounging positions which can help to alleviate physical pain. The best adjustable bed will not only help you to sleep better, but will reduce muscular tension in areas including your head, neck, back, hips legs and feet.
  • Adjustable beds not only help you to find that perfect comfy sleeping position, but they can also come in extremely supportive, quality materials. Memory foam is often used in adjustable beds and is a hit with customers.

Getting better sleep on an adjustable bed can help you to feel much more refreshed and recharged upon waking up, improving your outlook for the day and subsequently your mood. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation suggests that short, 10-20 minute naps can dramatically help individuals to feel more rested and invigorated if they take one every day.

Many people are wary of adjustable bed prices — especially dual adjustable beds — but adjustable bed prices don’t necessarily have to empty your wallet. Many mattress stores offer deals and discounts at certain times of the year, and many are more than willing to set up payment plans that work for both parties. Be sure to check out multiple stores before settling on one adjustable bed so that you don’t get ripped off.

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