How to State Your Home for Maximum Value


Home value evaluation

About 1/3 of those who recently purchased a home were first time buyers. These people fare the HGTV age and their expectations of purchasing are right in line with that. When they are buying a home, staging it right is a great way to convince them they are actually viewing luxury homes- but in their budget! About 96% of people utilize the internet during their home search, and including your beautiful staging the internet profile is a great way to heighten their home value evaluation. So how can you set the stage:

Think About The Family Structure
No matter how great the bones, a bachelor doesn’t want to walk into a family home and a family doesn’t want to buy into a place that is staged like a bachelor’s pad. Think hard about the area and the prospective buyers and stage according to their life style. If you are in a suburb, a large dining room table is great. If you are in a hip part of the city, maybe include a little meditation space. These are obviously not permanent fixtures but they help the client imagine themselves in the space.

Go Green
Use recycled items or elements of nature in your staging process as home accents. For example, twigs in a vase on the kitchen table. Maybe even a dangling plant in the living room. All kinds of buyers like different aesthetics but buyers in luxury homes and tiny apartments alike agree that green is a good way to go.

Spruce Things Up
When you are selling your home, don’t give away all your little secrets. Perhaps the most important thing to do when selling a home is to tie all loose ends. Fix squeaky doors, replace light bulbs, repair smudged paint, etc. You new owner will have plenty of time to mess things up if they purchase, but you don’t want that to be their first impression.
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