Missing Remotes, Missing Shows


Programming a remote

TV is a great medium for entertainment, news, and even education. With TVs in 96.7% of households in the United States, that adds up to almost 335 million remotes! On top of that, consider that there are other devices requiring remote controls in a majority of homes – over 50% of homes have four or more! TV remote controls, DVD remote controls, remotes for stereos and game systems. It’s a lot to keep track of.

When the remote control was first invented, it connected to the TV with a wire. With the advent of wireless tv remote controls, viewers were given the freedom to go anywhere in the living room with all the power to change the volume or channel in their hands. Unfortunately, with this new freedom came a lot more responsibility. People were now memorizing TV remote codes for their favorite channels and programming a remote to reflect their preferences.

The biggest problem with the wireless remote, however, is that it is very easy to misplace. If you have lost a remote, before you rush off to the store for a TV remote replacement, make sure you check these common places where remotes have been found.

  • The first place you want to look is in the sofa, as it is the most common place to recover a missing remote. 49% of people surveyed in 2011 admitted that they had found their lost remotes in the couch! So don’t panic, simply check under and between all the cushions and behind any pillows. You may even find some loose change in addition to your remote!
  • The next place to look for your remote is on the living room floor. TV remote controls often get placed on the arms of chairs, where they are easy to knock onto the floor. From there, they may be kicked under the sofa or coffee table, and thought to be lost forever. So check under your furniture, behind the dog bed, and in those dark corners. Your remote may be awaiting its rescue!

  • If you have scoured the living room and the remote control is nowhere to be seen, check the counters in the bathroom or kitchen. If you are focused on not missing your show, you may have absentmindedly carried the remote with you to use the bathroom or to get a snack. Once the remote has been set down, you probably won’t remember to pick it up again if you didn’t realize that you had brought it with you in the first place!
  • Hopefully, this list will help you the next time you misplace your remote. Feel free to leave a comment telling us where the strangest place you have found a missing remote! Helpful links.