Three Easy Ways to Increase the Usable Space on Your Property


Small sheds

Anyone who likes to entertain knows how tough that can be to do in a smaller home or not having an outdoor space to hold a party. There are few worse things than stuffing too many people in two small of a room and then try to get them all to eat something — it’s just uncomfortable. If you’re looking for ways to expand usable outdoor space for entertaining (or otherwise), here are a few ideas.

1. Pergolas
Pergolas are essentially elongated wooden canopies. A pergola has four tall supports and beams that run horizontally across the top of it (usually in a lattice form), which creates a covered-space for entertaining. Many people plant climbing plants that create a natural covering over the top of the pergola, but the open space allows fresh air to pass through the space with no problem while showcasing the plant life. The only downside to a pergola is that they are really only able to be used for entertaining in the warmer months.

2. Gazebos
Another option for increasing the usable space on your property is to invest in a gazebo. A gazebo is often more of an enclosed structure. These are often six or eight sided structures with a peaked roof rather than a flat one. The roof on a gazebo is unlike that of a pergola in that it is completely covered rather than a lattice format. Some gazebos are screened in to keep out insects and animals, which also makes them suitable for use during the cooler (but not cold) months of the year.

3. A Shed or Garage
Sheds and garages are mostly used for storing large bulky items that homeowners don’t want to keep in the house, but they can actually be used for another entertainment space if you so choose. These are best if you feel the need to entertain outside of your home during the winter months or want to create a recreational space for your family year-round.

Do you have any tips for increasing the usable space on a property without adding on to the home? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below! Read more articles like this.