Three Unique Ideas for Giving Your Gently Used Clothing Donations to Charity


Clothes donation

Most people already know how important it is to give to charity. In addition to donating our food, money, and time to charitable organizations, there is one thing that people can donate that can help out the planet and the community at the same time. That’s right: clothing donations are a green way to give to others who are in need and divert waste from landfills, too.

If you’ve already donated directly to a shelter or other charity, or if you’ve brought donations to a secondhand shop before, it may be time to branch out and seek other types of ways to give. Here are three unique clothing donation ideas that could use a little more love from generous people like yourself.

    1. Place your donations in a drop-off bin: Many charities today have clothing donation bins placed in parking lots, on sidewalks, and right outside your favorite stores. These boxes provide a quick and easy way for people to donate to charity. If you would like a simple way to give, be sure to bring your bagged donations to one of these boxes. (And make sure to check out who owns it first, so you know where your donations are headed!)

    2. Participate in a military veteran or Purple Heart charity pick up program: Purple Heart charity pick ups and other donation pick ups are a great way to give without having to leave your house. For example, a Purple Heart charity pick up or other military-based donation drive will arrive at your home and haul away your donated items for you. That’s great news for those with busy lifestyles or people who are unable to get to their nearest donation centers due to disability or health problems.

    3. Find a clothing recycling program in your area: Clothing is one of the most frequently donated items to charity organizations, especially since so many Americans have extra items lying around. Today many charities are recycling clothing and donating any proceeds from clothing sold to recycling companies to their charitable programs. Not only does this help people in your community, but it also saves the planet by recycling waste rather than tossing it away.

What are some ways that you have given back to the community? Leave your suggestions or questions in a comment below.