Those With Sleep Issues Try Myriad Solutions


Adjustable bed

When night arrives and it is time to lay our heads to rest, many of us have reached our very favorite part of the day. However, for the millions of people who experience medical issues like neck and back pain, headaches and TMJ, bedtime can be a dreaded time. Sleeping well helps to promote good health but it’s had to know how to get a better night sleep. Some resort to using sleep aids while others watch TV in a half-sleep state. But these solutions don’t necessarily hit the root of the problem.
The root, for many, is that our beds do not appropriately support our bodies. The human spine is S shaped and a flat bed doesn’t support the entire curve. In addition, sleeping on your side can cut off circulation to parts of you body. Have you ever woken up with an arm that is completely “asleep”? Your arm is not, in fact, asleep, but it is completely deprived of blood flow. Ergonomic beds work to reduce issues that flat beds do not address.
If you often fall asleep in your recliner because it is more comfortable than your bed, you may sleep better in an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds support the top part of your body like a chair and the bottom like a bed. A fully adjustable bed lets you to position your legs up so that you can prevent complications without feeling uncomfortable. For example, Edema is a condition where the bottom half of your body swells with fluid and can become uncomfortable. A small incline at the head or foot of your bed can stop you from curling up your legs and causing position-related pain.
Ergonomic beds help present natural ways to sleep better instead of taking medication to do so. If you are suffering from a sleep condition, some adjustable beds for restful sleep are even covered by insurance! We are all our best after a good night’s rest so if you have sleep-related issues, an adjustable bed is certainly worth looking into.