Five Things to Improve Your Quality of Rest


Styles of adjustable beds

Our crazy, go-go-go lifestyles are keeping many of us from getting the sleep we need. Between family and business, many of us have gotten into a cycle where we no longer actually know what being well-rested actually feels like… for better or worse, our bodies have adjusted to the strain. But over the long haul, this can lead to lots of health problems, both physical and emotional, One potential solution for these problems is to increase the quality of nightly rest by purchasing any of the various adjustable bed systems being manufactured. But whether or not you end up purchasing an adjustable bed, there are plenty of things you can do to try and improve your sleeping schedule.

  • Avoid chemicals that interfere with rest
    Not only should caffeine use be curtailed four to six hour prior to bedtime, cigarette smoking should also decrease in the latter waking hours – nicotine also interferes with resting. Additionally, alcohol can backfire on you, causing grogginess initially but stimulating you later (as it gets metabolized into sugar, etc).

  • Sleep when you’re tired
    Forcing sleep to come never really works, does it? If you can’t sleep in a half hour’s time, get up and go into another room. Try not to engage in activities that will keep you up, but lying in bed when you can’t sleep only exacerbates the problem. If you’re not tired when you need to be sleeping, even adjustable bed systems won’t help your insomnia… you’ll need to work on changing your routine so that you’re more tired when it’s time for bed. Best results are attained gradually.

  • Make sure your bedroom is sleep conducive
    Keeping the bedroom associated with sleep and sex only can help make it more advantageous for rest. While many of us like to surf the internet or watch TV while lying in bed, this may not be the right thing for you if you’re having trouble getting to sleep. Also, block light with curtains or a sleep mask. Don’t be afraid to try earplugs, and if the cat needs to learn to stay in the other room, so be it.

  • Eat light at night
    Eating rich of spicy foods too close to bedtime may keep you up. Make sure dinner happens as many hours before sleeping as is possible and avoid any foods that may cause indigestion (especially if you have issues with heartburn or reflux). If you get hungry at night, try snacking on foods that won’t disturb your sleep. Generally, dairy foods and carbohydrates tend to be less of an issue.

  • Avoid watching the clock
    Staring at the clock while lying restlessly in bed actually increases stress and can trigger panic in some people – turn the clock away from you so you cannot see what it says.
  • Adjustable bed systems are a great way to maximize the quality of your rest, increase circulation and relieve any number of persistent physical ailments. But with or without an electric bed, there are plenty of natural ways to sleep better and, in turn, promote good health.
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