Four Reasons Why You Probably Definitely Need a New Remote Control


Tv remote controls replacement

1. Your dog ate it. Or… any pet that you might own. Maybe it was one of your (human) friends when everyone came back from the bar the other night? Well, anyways, it was eaten by something, and quite frankly, you aren’t asking any more questions. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s gone, and you’re annoyed.

2. The reason why you’re so annoyed is the fact that you can’t even watch TV without having the TV remote controls. Many newer TVs don’t even come equipped with buttons on them and can only be controlled with their accompanying remote. Not only did you look pretty silly trying to find the buttons on your own TV and failing, but now you’re TV-less and bored.

3. You bought one of those fancy new universal replacement television remote controls, thinking that it would solve all your problems and allow you to dispose of the other seven original TV remotes that just hang around your house, taunting you. But then you brought it home, fought with the packaging to get it opened, accidentally threw out your receipt, and found out that it didn’t work. Well, it worked, but only some of the time. Turning the TV on? Not a problem. But turning it off? HAHA NOPE.

4. You lose your primary remote probably about once a week, and the secondary remotes are lost at least once a month. It’s a well-known fact that the number of times television remote controls go missing is directly proportional to how often you use them. It probably feels like you spend weeks looking for your television remote controls (and actually, the average TV watcher will have spent about two weeks in one lifetime just searching for TV remotes, so that’s not a crazy feeling to have).

Fear not! Don’t feel like you have to settle for those frustrating and deceptive universal TV remote replacements! It’s actually very possible to find the original remotes that came with your TV, meaning that you can be sure that every button actually works (and is necessary). More: