Moving to a New City Alone


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Moving can be stressful. Moving to a new city can be even more stressful. But moving to a new city alone can bring your stress to a whole different level.

As much as we’d always like to have a network of people waiting for us when we get to where we’re going (or moving there with us), if we move for professional reasons, that network isn’t always a possibility, and we’re forced to do all the legwork ourselves. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some tips to help make your transition just a little bit smoother.

Geographical Research. If your job is the reason you’re moving, then you have a great point of reference to start with — your new work address. Look for new homes to buy within that area, if possible. Otherwise you can try to find a new home with easy access to either a major thoroughfare or public transportation. Finding a home on or near a major throughway will also grant you access to grocery stores, post offices, and other necessities.

Neighborhood Research. Once you’ve found a few geographical possibilities, it’s time to investigate the neighborhoods, along with what you’re looking for in a home setting. Looking for an urban loft near the center of town? Luxury waterfront homes for sale by the river? No matter what your tastes, the neighborhood matters, both tangibly and intangibly — it not only sets your price range, but also the tone of your at-home life.

Lifestyle Research. All work and no play is… well, pretty unlikely. Make sure the home you choose provides you with enough outlets in your personal life, whether it’s a garden in the backyard or proximity to great restaurants and nightclubs. Get to know the recreational side of your new town, such as museums, music halls, and malls.

Moving to a new city alone is certainly a challenge, but by no means is it an insurmountable one. With a little foresight, flexibility, and determination, you’ll be able to spend less time finding your way, and more time enjoying your new home. Read more.