Edible Gardens Eat Healthy and Save Money!


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Garden centers all over the U.S. are helping Americans get healthy — while saving a considerable amount of money, too! Thanks to increasing awareness of nutrition, fitness, and health, Americans are eating less processed foods and choosing fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Purchasing organic foods and fresh ingredients, however, can easily get expensive. What are some gardening and landscaping tips and tricks that will save you money?

Grow Your Own Produce!

Growing your own fruits and vegetables gives you a lot of freedoms. You can stop paying large amounts of money for organic options. Simply grow fruits and vegetables without using chemicals, like preservatives and pesticides. In addition to adding home-grown fruits and vegetables to meals, homeowners are also “making smoothies, juices and cocktails with fruits and vegetables straight from the garden,” according to HGTV.

Why Limited Space Is No Longer a Problem

Local garden centers are affording renters and homeowners more options with smaller varieties of fruits and vegetables, called dwarf plants. Residents with too little space or even with poor soil quality can plant fruits and vegetables directly into garden planters. “‘Blueberry Glaze’ is a new blueberry that is compact, boxwood-like and can be sheared into a hedge. It grows 2 to 3 feet high and is covered in midsummer with intensely flavored, deep blue berries,” The Seattle Times writes.

Keep Overall Gardening And Lawn Maintenance Costs Low

Finally, save money by watering only what you need to — namely, your home-grown produce! Save on watering and maintaining the law by choosing drought-tolerant flowers instead of grass. “Several folks are turning over their grass patches for drought-tolerant flowers in an attempt to minimize water and eliminate fertilizing,” Better Homes and Gardens explains.

Get healthy, feel great about the fresh ingredients in your meals, and save money while doing it, too. Grow your own produce, and water only what you need to. See this link for more: www.mcdonaldgardencenter.com